Joylent - Day 1

So I've decided to not eat anything for a week. And live soley on Joylent.

Day one was heavy. I had major headaches and felt fatigued, but that might had more to do with the party I had the day before.

Anyhow. I decided to take the strawberry shake today. The flavour was subtle and nice. The shake tastes like pancake batter with a slight strawberry touch. The structure is soft but thick, and always feels warm, even if you cool it in the fridge, which is really weird... I gues it's the structure that your body doesn't associate with 'cold'.

I took a bottle with me and drank it over an hour or two. Don't do this. You just end up being hungry all the time. In the afternoon I just ad-fundumed the next batch and it was a lot more pleasant.

Around 3 I got a real craving for food, So I ate a slice of bread. It was really good.

In the evening I stole one slice of pizza of my friend. I really love diner, and it's hard to not have diner.. That was a real struggle.

Later that night I went out. And I noticed I would get tipsy very quickly. After 2 drinks I already felt light-headed and had some headaches. So I quit drinking more.

Later the night I had a great Durum Doner. I just craved for food.

So yeah. Day one was okay, but a bit of a failure. I'm not sure I can do without food. But Soylent is great for in the morning, as usually I don't have time to make breakfast. So it's a quick way to get something into my system to get the engine running.